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Second Hand Equipments
Due to excess production capacity of Chinese steel rolling enterprises, a part of these enterprises with small and medium scale was forced to close as per our National Policy. Now our company is supplying used complete set of steel making equipments, steel rolling equipments (semi-automatic & fully-automatic),continuous casting and rolling equipments, furnace (including smelting furnace, refining furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, electric-arc furnace, blast furnace and converter), cement plant, crane, lathe, electrical control equipment and so on. The productive lives of our used equipments are 1-2 years. And they will be the same as the new equipments after repairing 

Our company sells various second-hand equipments to others, involving in industry of metallurgy, machining, and smelting. Above equipments can be sold with lowest cost that is negotiable face to face. 


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We can supply types of steel rails:
It is including light rails, heavy rails, crane rails and rail fittings.
  • Light rails: 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg
Steel grade: 55Q / Q235
Length: 6m~12m
Executive standard: refer to GB11264-89…
  • Heavy rails: 38kg, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg
Steel grade: U71Mn / 50Mn and so on
Length: 12.5m
Executive standard: refer to GB2585-81/QB
  • Crane rails: QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120
Steel grade: U71Mn / U75V
Cut length: 12m
Executive standard: GB3426-82, YB/T 5055-93
We can also deal with rail processing, rail end cutting and rail straightening as per clients’ requirements. 
Besides Chinese standard (GB), our company can also provide steel rails according to foreign standard:
1) Steel rails as per Japanese standard (JIS) and South Korean standard (KSA):
Executive standard: JIS E1103-91/JIS E1101-93
Specification: JIS 37 A, JIS 50 N, CR 73, CR 100
2) Steel rails as per British standard (BS):
Executive standard: BS11-1985
Specification: 60A-100A
3) Steel rails as per American standard (ASTM):
Executive standard: ASTM A1, AREMA
Specification: ASCE 60, ASCE 75, 90RA
Besides kinds of specifications of steel rails, we can also offer kinds of steel sleeper, switch, crane accessories and so on. They are widely used in railway, construction project of lifting equipments in all large or medium-sized enterprises. 
Our main products: untreated sleeper, concrete sleeper, oil conservator, switch tie, manganese fork, baffle, finished switch rail, railway switch, rail clips, fish plate, clamp, rail jack, anti-creeper, fixture of railroad shoe, coking engineering railway, platen, backing board, thrust block, railway connecting piece, kinds of switch rods, connecting rod, gauge rod, guard rail point, series of complete set switch and its accessories, such as kinds of heavy & light rail simple switch, symmetrical turnout, combination turnout, diamond crossing, double crossover, double slip switches and so on. Kinds of guard rail pinchplate, line pinchplate, iron block, kinds of steel rails accessories and fish plate accessories, such as kinds of rail rubber pads, rubber pad of iron block and so on.

About us

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We have our own right for export
AnShan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd was established in 1998,which is a comprehensive enterprise group combining production,management,and other many abilities together.
We have our own right for import and export.We have forging,costing and heating treatment workshops with advanced producing equipments, a large number of the engineers and skilled workers. If you are interested in moulding equipment and complete plant, we can provide our users' with a series of service, such as design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and trial production.


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