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Rolling Mill Production Line (Plant)

  • Steel Rolling Equipment
  • Rolling Mill
  • Deformed Bar, Wire , Angle and So on
  • 220V/380V
  • New
  • Global
  • chinese brand
  • Standard Export Packing
  • according the custom
  • China
  • 50, 000mt-1, 000, 000mt/Year
Anshan Ying Yat Trading Co., LTD, i. E. AnShan HongMing Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a large comprehensive group enterprise which combines scientific research, metallurgical equipments processing, steel manufacturing, commercial trading and so on. We process top-ranking scientific researchers as well as experienced team of production, management, and marketing.
We have our own right for machinery imports and exports, abundant technical force, numerous scientists and engineers, which combines design, making, installing, debugging, trial production, training and so on as a whole perfect service.
We undertake kinds of steel rolling equipment, electric arc furnace, refining furnace and all kinds of continuous casting mill.
The types of rolling mill which we can manufacture are shown as below:
Hot mill (medium-plate mill, sheet strip mill) cold rolling mill, kinds of high frequency welded pipe machine, channel steel, H-section, Angle, I-beam, deformed bar, wire rod and all kinds of high-tech mill.
The machining workshop, rivet welding workshop, casting / forging workshop and other branch factories what affiliated to our company can process kinds of work-pieces and equipments. For rolls, there are plate rolling mill roll, Section rolling mill roll, building materials rolling mill roll and various shafts.
Furthermore, we can produce reducer, coupler, universal joint, through water cooling, plate bending machine, trimming shears, lath cutter, flattening machine and so on. The material of work-piece are: Cast iron, high manganese, low alloy, high chromium-alloy, low chromium-alloy infinite chilling etc.
1. Smelting furnace
Electric arc furnace, intermediate frequency induction furnace, refining furnace.
2. Kinds of furnace for heat treatment
3. Continuous casting machine
R4M, R6M
4. Steel rolling production line
MONI ROLLING MILL Equipment list:(billet size:1302x3000-12000mm  finished products:φ screw thread10-φ32,speed:15m/s,φ screw thread 6-φ12,speed:90m/s,angle bar:,2.5-5#,flat bar :25×3-50×5, annual production:30000T)



First, Machinery and equipment around the heating furnace

1 Feeding bench Group  1 18 18 1283.333333 23100

2 Into the furnace roller Group 3 8 24 1283.333333 30800

3 Rack Pusher set 1 18 18 1750 31500

4 Tapping machine set 1 7 7 1750 12250 With sliding

5 roller before roughing rolling mill  set 1 5 5 1283.333333 6416.666667



Second, Rolling district machine (Morgan Mill)

A roughing rolling mill 

2 Φ450Two roller bearings rolling mill(2V4V) set 5 27 135

With sliding, Morgan closed style model, you can quickly change the roll, including a drum type universal shaft and bracket, bridge, guide and guard beams

B  Midle rolling mill 

1 Φ350Two roller bearings rolling mill(9H10H11H12H) set 4 15.3 61.2

 the same as the above 

C finishing rolling mill 

1 Φ320Two roller bearings rolling set 5 12.8 64

the same as the above

2 Φ320Two roller bearings rolling(V) set 3 13.2 39.6


3 Vertical looper  set 5 2.2 11

Subtotal rolling mill area

310.8 1866.666667 580160

Third, Hardened reducer

Gear Material:20CrNi2MoA            

2 φ450 Composite reducer set 5 20 100


3 φ350Composite reducer set 4 8.7 34.8


4 φ320Composite reducer set 8 4.7 37.6


5 Motor and gear reducer couplings set 17 0.5 8.5

Subtotal Hardened reducer 

180.9 3033.333333 548730

Fouth, After cooling bed section

1 apron Front roller and air through   roller Group 1 18 18

2 Stepping cooling bed (11.5mX78m) M 78 5.3 413.4

with roller, row steel chain, steel shift car, under the cooling bed conveyor roller

3 After cutting roller A Group 3 2.7 8.1

4 After cutting roller B Group 2 2 4

5 Segmented roller set 1 13.8 13.8

6 Pinto shift steel machine set 1 7.8 7.8

7 Finishing the transfer chain set 1 15.7 15.7


Rolling Mill Production Line (Plant) Rolling Mill Production Line (Plant)
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