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Rubber Extruder

  • XJY-S330, XJY-SZ743x330, XJY-SZ936x416
  • Pipe Extruder
  • PVC
  • Granulating Extruder
  • One Feed
  • Integral Type Extruder
  • Twin-Screw
  • Full Intermeshing
  • Deep Screw
  • Exhaust
  • Automatic
  • Computerized
  • Feed for Calendar
  • Different
  • as Per Clients′ Requirements
  • ISO, Mtc
  • Global
  • Honghu
  • Seaworthy Packing as Per International Standard
  • High quality
  • China
  • 8477209000
  • 10, 000 Sets Per Year
  • This machine has superior pressure sensor control system, which makes the sheeting rubber more compact, orderly and smoother
  • Applications: coupled with internal mixer for extruding and sheeting rubber material which has been plasticated, pre-mixed and final-mixed 
  • Construction features:
    • Working surface of screw and barrel are fully plated with head chrome
    • Sheeting rolls are made of chilled casting iron
    • Rolls are drilled for circulated cooling water and each end of rolls are supported by roller bearings
    • Sheeting rolls nip is adjusted automatically, the signal shown on the operating digital screen
    • Driving system adopts DC motors and provides various type of driving models to meet customer's requirement
    • Through two kinds of microwave indicating signals, the speed of extruding screw and sheeting rolls can be automatically adjusted
    • Machine is fully equipped with excellent safety and alarming device, also matching the CE standard by customization
    • Electrical control system is PLC controlled, and also customized by requirements


Model XJY-S330 XJY-SZ743x330 XJY-SZ936x416
Shape of screw Variable pitch and constant depth, cylindrical Variable pitch and depth, conical Variable pitch and depth, conical
Quantity of screw (pcs) 2 2 2
Arrange of screw central-line Parallel With angle With angle
Diameter of screw (mm) φ300 φ743xφ330 φ936xφ416
Speed of screw (r/min) 3.1-31 2.2~22 2.2~22
Extruding motor power (kW) 90 160 220
(D×L) Size of roll (mm) φ448×1000 φ450×1000 φ508×1070
Speed of sheeting roll (r/min) 2.55-25.5 3.2-32 3-30
Range of rolls nip adjusting (mm) 2-10 3-10 3-10
Power of rolls adjusting motor (kW) 2 x 2.2 4 grade P=2
2 grade P=2.4
4 grade P=3.3
2 grade P=4
Distance between guides (mm) 750 600 (650, 700, 750) 700 (750, 800, 850)
Motor of roller-die (kW) 90 160 220
Feeding method Dead weight Dead weight Dead weight
Shape of feeding trough Rectangle Trapezium Trapezium
Average Capacity (t/h) 8 9 11
Consumption of cooling water (m3/h) 35-45 35-45 38-50
Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 4610x3730x3276 4850x5300x2560 5460x5800x3400
Gross weight (excluding main motor) T -27 -30 -44
Mathched internal mixer model F270, BB270 ,GK250, PN270 F270, BB270, GK250, PN270 F370 ,BB370, GK400, PN420
  • Touching surface with rubber compound is water circulation cooled to decrease the compound temperature
  • Stock guide is 3D CAD designed
  • Compact structure achieves in advantages like easy self-cleaning, assembly and operating 
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