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Slitting Line and Crosscut Shearing Line From Shirley

  • 3# flying shear
  • Flexible
  • Comprehensive
  • Automation
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Non Flow Production Line
  • Product Line
  • 3# Flying Shear
  • Crank Rotary Flying Shear
  • Left in, Right out
  • Start and Stop
  • Crop, Back End Crop, Optimization
  • Global
  • Customized
  • CE
  • Liaoning, China
Slitting Line and Crosscut Shearing Line From Shirley
Slitting Line and Crosscut Shearing Line From Shirley Slitting Line and Crosscut Shearing Line From Shirley
NO. Name Quantity(set)   Weight
1 3# flying shear  1 13.8
2 Electronic control system 1
3 Nanyang Electrical Machinery
4 Export packing charges

No. Name Model Quantity Remarks
1 Inlet wire cabinets

Automatic switch ME-1250 1 Shanghai People

Current transformer BH0.66 1

Over voltage protector AET-10KJ 3

Fast-acting fuse R031 5 Xirong

Voltmeter 42L20-V 1 Tianjin instrument

Ampere meter 42L20-A 1 Tianjin instrument

Cabinet 600*1000*2200 1
2 Regulating Cabinet

Plastic case switch EZD100M3080 80A 1 Schneider

Air switch C65N 7 Schneider

Contactor LC1-D09M7C 1

Fast-acting fuse R031 4 Xirong

Single-phrase reactor HKG2-0.8 1 Dezhou

DC speed governor 6RA70  1 Siemens

CPU 6ES7 315-2AG10-OABO 1 Siemens

High-speed counter 6ES7 350-1AH03-OAEO 1 Siemens

Power module 6ES7 307-1EA00-OAAO 1 Siemens

Switching input module 6ES7 321-1BL00-OAAO 1 Siemens

Switching output module 6ES7 322-1BL01-OAAO 1 Siemens

Memory card 6ES7 953-8LG11-OAAO 1 Siemens

Front connector 6ES7 392-1AJ00-OAAO 3 Siemens

6ES7 392-1AM00-OAAO 3 Siemens

Guide rail 6ES7 390-1AF30-OAAO 1 Siemens

Frequency division plate 6ES7 090-0XX84-3DB0 1 Siemens

Pulsed plate MCH-6 2

Power unit 1500A 6 Tianzheng Thyristor

Cabinet  1000*1000*2200 1

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